Fusion 60/44 Hybrid Front Axle Assembly for Jeep JK

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Fusion Hybrid 60/44 Front Axle

  • High Clearance off-road center section
  • Utilizes Dana 60 lockers, gears, and 35 spline axle shafts
  • Massive 3.5" diameter tubes with 7/16" wall
  • Heavy duty forged JK inner knuckle Cs
  • 65.5" Width (same as stock)
  • Heavy duty 1/4" laser cut and CNC bent brackets
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Available in custom widths as well as custom caster and pinion angles

The Fusion 60/44 Hybrid front axle offers nearly the same ground clearance of a factory Jeep JK Dana 44, while providing the strength of an aftermarket Dana 60. At Fusion 4x4 we continue to push the boundaries of bringing you more, for less.

The 60/44 Hybrid provides some seriously strong standard features, including a high clearance reinforced Dana 60 center section, massive 3.5" diameter tubes with abuse ready 7/16" wall, rock eating 1/4" thick brackets, and heavy duty forged inner Cs that are significantly stronger than stock.

Don't let the name confuse you. The JK inner Cs mean that just like any aftermarket Dana 44, you bolt your JK parts onto this housing, including knuckles, unit bearings, brakes, and steering. The axle is available in stock width or custom widths.

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