Fusion BIG TUBE Semi-Float 60 Rear Axle Assembly for Jeep JK

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Let's get down to brass tax: friends don't let friends run high pinion Dana 60 rear axles. At Fusion, we only use a low pinion Dana 60 rear axle. While we have the capability to build a high pinion rear 60, we won't sell soemthing we wouldn't run under our own vehicles. In a high pinion design, the gears are running on the coast side (aka weak side). High pinion rear Dana 60s are no stronger than your stock low pinion Dana 44. Food for thought.

Only semi-float 60 using a 3.5" 1 Ton axle tube and casting. We use the same casting and tubes that we use on our Elite Full Float 60 Rear Axle Assembly.

Fusion Semi-Float 60 Rear Axle. You asked, and we delivered again! The Fusion 60/44 Hybrid broke the mold, bringing superior strength and durability compared to anything in its class. However, we can't have a class leading front axle without having a rear axle to match. Welcome the Fusion Semi-Float 60 rear axle! Just like the Hybrid, it features the strongest semi-float housing in its class. We truly understand the abuse that our customers put their rigs through and we design our products to endure. 3.5" diameter and 7/16" wall tubes blow the competition away.

  • 35 Spline 4130 heat treated chromoly axle shafts
  • 5x5 JK Bolt Pattern
  • Forged U-bolt style yoke with U-bolt kit
  • Utilizes Dana 60 lockers/carrier and gear set
  • Massive 3.5" diameter tubes with 1/2" wall
  • 65.5" Width (stock JK width)
  • Heavy duty 1/4" laser cut and CNC bent brackets
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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