Fusion 2005+ Ford Super Duty Front D60 Swap Axle - 1550 Axle Shafts

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NOTE: Custom axle wdith - email or call with specs.

Planning to swap a front D60 from a 2005+ Super Duty into your vehicle? We just made your life a lot easier, and it comes with a warranty! Freight is not included in price.

Note: The housing can be made to match the OE factory axle so that you can use the OE axle shafts.


  • Center casting is brand new and the same high clearance 60 casting we use on all of our front 60 axles
  • Proper diff offset for your application. That means no more fitment issues!
  • 3.5" x 7/16" wall DOM tubes, machined and assembled in house
  • Brand new Super Duty inner Cs making all 05+ knuckle and outer assembly parts direct bolt on
  • Includes our Fusion ultra-high clearance differential cover
  • Standard and custom width options

Included in the Ready to Roll Package:

  • Yukon Ring & Pinion
  • Master install kit
  • New 1550 Chromoly Axle Shafts - 35 SPLINE (40 SPLINE OPTIONAL)
  • New OE Super Duty Knuckles
  • New OE Ball Joints

Available Options:

  • Complete Bolt-in bracket kits (JT, JL, JK, TJ, LJ)
  • Option for Fusion to weld brackets on
  • Reid Racing Knuckles
  • Setup of gears and locker

Compare and contrast - Example for a Jeep JK Axle Swap (illustrative, we know there are many more variables):

Fusion Swap Axle Salvage Axle
Housing $ 1,695 $ 500
Differential Cover Included 125
JK Bracket Kit 250 575
Consumables to prep axle - 150
New Frame-side Track Bar Bracket Not Needed 55
Custom Track Bar Not Needed 150
New Lower Control Arms Not Needed 200
Chromoly inner shafts 400 -
Sub Total $ 2,345 $ 1,755
Labor Options:
Weld bracket kit on 300 700
Install Gears/Locker 250 450
Modifications to fit axle - 300
Sub Total with Labor $ 2,895 $ 3,205
Discounted Drivetrain:
ARB, Master Install Kit, Gears 1,400 1,550
Discounted rear packages Yes No
Total $ 4,295 $ 4,755
Up-travel Limitations vs. OE Axle None Significant
Warranty Yes No
Bolt-in ready replacement Yes Not even close
Pre and Post Purchase Support Yes No

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