Fusion Elite 05+ Super Duty Front D60 Swap Housing

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Planning to swap a front D60 from a 2005+ Super Duty into your vehicle? We just made your life a lot easier, and it comes with a warranty! Freight is not included in price.

Note: The housing can be made to match the OE factory axle so that you can use the OE axle shafts, or we can build it to your specs for width, pinion offset, driver/passenger drop, and caster/pinion separation.


  • Center casting is brand new and the same high clearance 60 casting we use on all of our front 60 axles
  • Proper diff offset for your application. That means no more fitment issues!
  • 3.5" x 7/16" wall DOM tubes, machined and assembled in house
  • Brand new Super Duty inner Cs making all 05+ knuckle and outer assembly parts direct bolt on
  • Includes our Fusion ultra-high clearance differential cover
  • Standard and custom width options
  • Available bracket kit with option for Fusion to weld it on
  • Package deals available

Compare and contrast - Example for a Jeep JK Axle Swap (illustrative, we know there are many more variables):

Fusion Swap Axle Salvage Axle
Housing $ 1,895 $ 500
Differential Cover Included 125
JK Bracket Kit 295 575
Consumables to prep axle - 150
New Frame-side Track Bar Bracket Not Needed 55
Custom Track Bar Not Needed 150
New Lower Control Arms Not Needed 200
Chromoly inner shafts 500 and up -
Sub Total $ 2,690 $ 1,755
Labor Options:
Weld bracket kit on 300 700
Install Gears/Locker 250 450
Modifications to fit axle - 300
Sub Total with Labor $ 3,240 $ 3,205
Discounted Drivetrain:
ARB, Master Install Kit, Gears 1,400 1,550
Discounted rear packages Yes No
Total $ 4,640 $ 4,755
Up-travel Limitations vs. OE Axle None Significant
Warranty Yes No
Bolt-in ready replacement Yes Not even close
Pre and Post Purchase Support Yes No

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