Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 Front Axle Assembly for Jeep TJ/LJ

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Fusion King Pin Elite 60 Front Axle Assembly Standard Features:

  • High clearance center section with custom low profile fabricated differential cover
  • Genuine Made in the USA Spicer® 10.1" (256 mm) ring and pinion gear
  • 3.5" diameter x 7/16" wall thickness axle tubes
  • Lifetime Warranty US Made Chromoly axle shafts with 1480 solid u-joints
  • Massive, race inspired King Pin inner knuckle Cs and outer knuckles, no ball joints to wear out!
  • Fully machined springless steering arm attached with 6 ARP Studs
  • Steering arm upgrades available for full hydro or virtually any application
  • 1/4" plate axle bracketry, designed to be the strongest in its class for Jeep TJ/XJ/MJ axles
  • 8 x 6.5, 6 x 5.5, and 5 x 5.5 bolt pattern options
  • 3/4 ton and 1 ton brake options
  • Yukon Hardcore locking hubs or Warn locking hubs
  • Custom widths available at no charge, please call for further information

Available carrier options: ARB Locker, Eaton E-Locker, OX Locker, Detroit Locker, Grizzly Locker, Spool, Open Carrier.

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