Fusion Super Kingpin D80 Roller Assembly

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Reid Racing raised the bar by creating the biggest and the baddest steering knuckles in the industry. At Fusion, it is our turn to raise the bar and combine the Super Kingpin Steering knuckles with our housings to create the biggest and the baddest axles in the industry.

Please call or email us with your specs: width, drop, offset, caster/pinion separation. If you have a reference axle, that makes it even easier (e.g. 78-79 Ford Sno Fighter).

All tubes are cut to length and machined in-house. Assemblies are pressed together, plug welded, and then 360 welded to the cast and C's using a semi-automated welding process to ensure high quality welds that look bad ass. We use only USA made and sourced DOM for our tubes.

Includes (note, axle comes welded together C-to-C, customer assembles the rest):

  • Brand NEW, not re-tubed, D80 cast differential
  • 4" diameter x 1/2" wall thickness DOM axle tubes (custom wall thickness available)
  • Tubes pressed and welded in. Tubes are plug welded and also 360 degree welded to the cast and inner C's
  • Reid Racing Super Kingpin inner Cs
  • Reid Racing Super Kingpin Outer Knuckles
  • Kingpin cones installed
  • All Kingpin Components (for springless setup)
  • Complete Ford F250/F350 Brake kit (Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Caliper Bolts)
  • Unit bearings that are double drilled for 8x170 and 8x6.5 (includes 14mm Studs)
  • Cs / Knuckles come painted Reid Orange, housing comes unpainted
  • Optional Hydro Steering Kit

Lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks once ordered. If you have a tighter timeline, please call or email.

**Freight will be calculated and charged prior to shipping and is not included in the price. We recommend shipping to a commercial address or we can also ship to a local terminal where you can pick up and they will load into a truck. Residential and lift gate will add $110.**.

What makes the Super Kingpin so great?

  • It's big, really f-ing big
  • Kingpin assembly, which means no ball joints to replace or wear out
  • Utilizes the stout Dana 60/70 upper and lower kingpin assemblies for the utmost in strength
  • 1.5″ increased yoke spread allows fitment of 1480, 1550, and Rockwell 2.5-ton U-joints and a greater load carrying capacity
  • Uses OEM 2005-present Ford Superduty unit bearings, lockout hubs, stub shafts, U-joints, and 2005-2012 calipers and rotors
  • Outer stub shafts can be oversized to directly engage the unitbearing’s 2.5-inch hub splines when the lockout components are removed
  • Flat-top pad machined for 6 ARP highsteer studs, allows for aftermarket steering arms that provide a wide range of steering options
  • Knuckles cast from high-strength ductile iron and beefed up with extra material and ribbing
  • Cast-in steering arms tapered from the top down for standard “1-ton” tie rod ends; extra-wide arms allow the tie rod holes to be drilled out for oversized bolts, heim joints, etc. Extended arms allow a straight tie rod to clear most differential covers
  • 100% Made in the USA
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