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Fusion 4x4 Debuts Hybrid Dana 60/44 Axle

At Fusion 4x4 we endeavor to design products that provide more strength per dollar than other products on the market. As the Jeep JK has evolved, it has brought with it a consistent increase in tire size. We used to say 35s are today's 33s, then it was 37s are today's 35s, and now we have reached the point where 40s are today's 37s, and everyone is running them. 37"-40" tires combined with the challenging off-road situations our customers routinely face, have pushed the front Dana 44 to its limits. However, we know that only a small percentage of owners are prepared to make the significant investment in full 1-ton axles.

We listened closely to our customers and friends within the sport. The takeaway is that they want something stronger, that is bolt-on, and that doesn't require a mortgage to buy. Sitting back in the mad scientist room, we came up with a simple question; what is stronger than a Dana 44? A Dana 60! With a high clearance differential, there is little if nothing lost in ground clearance compared to a Dana 44, so why not? At the same time, you gain all the benefits of a Dana 60, such as much larger axle tubes, lockers, and gears. The last challenge to overcome is that customers don't want the cost associated with 1 ton axles. That is why we use heavy duty JK inner Cs. Enjoy all the benefits of a Dana 60 while keeping your stock knuckles, unit bearings, brakes, wheels, and steering … or don’t, we have that stuff too.

The package wouldn't be complete if we didn't include custom 35 spline RCV axle shafts as standard as well as offering the Rare Parts ball joints and our 2.5 ton steering at exceptional values to the standard options.

As you would expect, we run what we sell, and we run it hard. You will see the same axle under our Fusion 4x4 JKU this year, running 40" tires on beadlock wheels.

Our new hybrid axles will be landing under Jeeps beginning in February and we will be sure to follow up with great photos of the new axle.

A big thanks to our great customers who support us, provide us with constructive feedback, and who push us to continue bringing new value to the industry. Click here for the product page!

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